Bear the Pomeranian Puppy – Good Bones Dog Rescue

Halifax dog photographer with pomeranian

As a Halifax dog photographer volunteering with Good Bones Dog Rescue, I get to meet many different personalities. It's always a bit of a surprise when I'm invited out to photograph a newly fostered dog. Presenting Bear, the Pomeranian puppy! Bear had all the typical Pom characteristics - running in circles, playing with his leash, and...ahem...not being afraid to "speak his mind".

Halifax pomeranian puppy

Bear loves cats and dogs, and as you can see, will do anything for a treat.

Bear is a fast learner: he cleans up after himself, voluntarily taking his poop bag away, presumably in search of a garbage can. He confuses his own leash with a toy, and got a little tangled up from time to time! So in other words, he basically will put anything in his mouth at this point. Classic puppy...

Halifax dog photographer with rescue puppy

Bear loved his walk to the field, and was easily distracted by all of the smells of nature along the way. He is a little bit nippy at this stage, so we don't recommend bringing him into a home with children under 6 until his training kicks in to address this habit.

To fill out an application to adopt Bear, head on over to the Good Bones Dog Rescue website, and be sure to check out their Facebook page for the most recent updates.

Happy rescuing!


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Halifax dog photographer captures pomeranian playing
Halifax rescue dog chases ball
Halifax photographer captures pomeranian puppy
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