Digital image files – last forever, or lost forever?

With the popularity of smartphones now, pretty much everyone has a camera in their pocket. Just think, three snapshots a day and suddenly you’ll have taken over 1000 photos this year! Sure, some make it to social media, then disappear. The rest, well, might see a folder in a backup hard drive somewhere.

There’s something about the concept of a “digital” file that makes it seem like it’s indestructible and will last forever. That’s what I thought for a long time. But take a second to think about it: Even if you do back up those files on an external hard drive, in 20 years, are you really going to go back to that hard drive, plug it in, and scan through those photos? Personally, I’d be lying to myself if I said yes. Plus, there are several problems with the idea about files being “preserved” on a hard drive:

-you won’t remember which hard drives have the photos you’re looking for
-hard drives, USB sticks, and DVDs are great short-term, but actually deteriorate over several years, making the data unreadable
-that USB connection or DVD drive won’t be standard for long. Try to go back to rescue those files you saved on your 5 inch floppy disk (that is, if you even remember what a floppy disk is)

That’s why I’m a huge believer that when it comes to an investment in customized portraits, everyone should have something physical that they can keep for generations. Whether it’s prints, albums, or wall art, your artwork that we create is produced using the highest quality archival processes that are guaranteed not to fade for over a century. So when your great-great-granddaughter is rooting through that pile of books and finds your album, she’ll be treated to the same imagery that you will see today.

So take your first step to creating those family heirlooms today, we’d love to start planning your artwork with you - Contact us for information on planning a session!

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